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Stx Italy segue gli alti standard della Stephex horsetrucks, offre una vasta gamma di veicoli adibiti al trasporto cavalli che fanno fronte a tutte le esigenze. Puoi trovare il tuo STX 2 cavalli o il tuo nuovo lussuoso camion.

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Leasingis the new way!

STX Italy offers the possibility of leasing your new horse truck. Our lease is provided to both private and businesses. We are happy to send our proposal and to inform you about the conditions and possibilities. Discover now how quick and easy is to lease a truck with us!

Discover the advantages of our Long-Term Lease option today. Experience the freedom, flexibility, and convenience of driving your dream truck hassle-free. Contact us now to get started on your journey.

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Why Choose our Long-Term Lease Option?

  • -Experience the freedom of driving the dream truck for 3 to 5 years at a fixed monthly rate.
  • -Fast lease registration procedure with very limited documentation requirements.
  • -The power to decide when you want to become the owner of the truck.
  • -Exchange the current truck and drive off in a new one.
  • -Long-term Lease is available to both individuals and companies.
  • -Obtain all required services by getting in touch with our office.

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About STX Italy

STX Italy is a part of STEPHEX GROUP and is based in Cassano d’Adda. It is handled by the historical Italian dealer Piero Rigoldi, who has been working side by side with STX for at least 20 years.

STX Italy has recently undergone an organizational restructuring of its internal management operations, successfully aligning with its new effective client management strategy.

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Piero Rigoldi

Piero represents International Horses, a group that has been active in the equestrian community since 1989. Because of the family-oriented atmosphere in which International Horses was founded, the organization has a presence in both the equestrian and truck communities.

The combination of Piero's and Stephex's experiences gave rise to STX Italy, which upholds the high standards of luxury, comfort, and safety as a Stephex Group society and provides an enormous array of options for all needs. STX Italy is a leasing entity of STX Finance, providing leasing services to clients across Italy, enabling them to access attractive truck leasing options with minimal documentation requirements.


Giula Sacco

Giula Sacco plays a vital role within STX Italy, functioning as an invaluable asset to the organization. As a key team member, she effectively supports Piero in various aspects of daily operations, overseeing both pre-sales and after-sales activities for all clients. Giulia serves as a primary liaison between Stephex Group and STX Italy, ensuring smooth and efficient communication and collaboration between the two entities.


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